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    The Omaha Music Scene has over time been one of the most important cradles of Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Indie Rock, emo, and other genres, and with a little looking around a music fan should be able to find a great venue.

    Omaha has a strong performing arts community, including the Omaha Community Playhouse, a nationally recognized theater group (famous actors from the Omaha theater scene include Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Nick Nolte, and Henry Fonda); the Omaha Symphonic Orchestra, Omaha Theater Ballet, and Opera Omaha have endured for decades.


    Omaha cuisine is a real thing; the local stockyards provides beef in large amounts, with other meats readily available. Several national chains started in Omaha, and there are a number of highly regarded restaurants here as well. High-quality, old-fashioned delis are still available around the city. Steakhouses are also popular (this is the home of Omaha Steaks), and the many different ethnic groups provide good Italian, Southern, and German food options.