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    Offutt AFB, NE - Hospital

    Medical care at Offutt Air Force Base is provided by the Ehrling-Bergquist Clinic which provides medical services to those enrolled in TRICARE Prime. There are no emergency services at the clinic. For emergency help, ambulatory services will be provided to a nearby community hospital such as Midlands Hospital located at 84th Street South and Highway 370 in Papillion. For daily appointments at the Acute Care Clinic, call 402-232-2273. The clinic is open 1000-2000, Monday through Friday.

    The 55th Medical Group serves 50K beneficiaries with extensive outpatient clinic capabilities, in-patient wards, and ancillary support. For more information than is listed below, please visit Offutt AFB's official units page:


    Comm. (402) 294-7411, DSN 271-7411
    Hours of Operation: 0730-1630, M-F
    After duty hours, crisis intervention services (402) 294-7332

    The primary objective of the ADAPT Program is to promote readiness along with health and wellness through the prevention and treatment of substance abuse to the individual, family, and organization; to provide comprehensive education and treatment to individuals who experience problems attributed to substance abuse; to return identified substance abusers to unrestricted duty status or to assist them in their transition to civilian life, as appropriate.

    Individuals (active duty, retired, DoD employees) may be referred by the following:

    -- Self-identification
    -- Commander/supervisor
    -- Traffic-related arrest (DUI)
    -- Arrest/investigation
    -- Illict drug use
    -- Medical

    Phone: Comm. (402) 232-2273, DSN 272-2273
    0730-1600 M-F

    Staff members provide diagnosis, care and treatment of allergic and immune disorders. Allergy shots are given to patients who are being followed regularly by an Allergist. Allergy injections are given on Mondays and Wednesdays from 0730-1600 and on Thursdays from 0730-1100.
    Immunizations are provided for all children, and a schedule for pediatric immunizations is available in the clinic. TB tests are administered on weekdays, except Thursdays, on a walk-in basis. Readings for the TB tests are done 48-72 hours after the injection, on a walk-in basis.

    Shot records are required before shots are given.

    Phone: Comm. 294-9090, DSN 271-9090
    Same Day Surgery Hours of Operation: 0615-1830
    Preop Clinic Hours of Operation: 0730-1600, closed 1100 - 1300

    Various Same Day Surgery Procedures: tonsillectomy, hernia surgery, knee scopes, carpal tunnel surgery, cataract surgery, breast biopsies, ear tubes, foot surgery, a variety of gynecological surgeries, etc.

    Things to Bring: reading material, slippers with good non-skid soles, loose comfortable clothes to wear, and your ID card. For children, it is sometimes helpful to bring a favorite stuffed animal or blanket in order to provide something "familiar" and comforting.

    All patients requiring any type of sedation will need an adult to pick them up and stay with them for 24 hours. The adult must be 18 years or older.

    Patients will be monitored closely in the Same Day Surgery environment. They will be discharged once they are able to tolerate fluids, have their pain under control, urinate on their own, experience only minimal postoperative bleeding, and have their vital signs remain stable during their course of stay.

    (Questions regarding the Same Day Surgery Clinic or the Preoperative Clinic can be addressed by calling (402) 294-9090, between hours of 0615 until 1600 Monday-Friday)

    Phone: Comm (402) 294-7375, DSN 271-7375

    Audiograms. We have the resources to provide detailed hearing exams and diagnose the different types of hearing loss. We can also perform tympanograms.

    Newborn hearing screening. Our new Oto-acoustic emissions analyzer provides objective evidence of inner ear function and is the keystone of our newborn screening program.

    Acoustic Brainstem Response (ABR) testing. This tests the hearing nerve and the path the sound takes between the ear and the brain.

    Hearing Aid evaluations. We provide hearing aids (including state of the art digital programmable aids) for active duty personnel. In addition, we provide hearing aids to retirees at cost, saving the retiree hundreds of dollars.

    Hearing Conservation Program. Our program is responsible for ensuring all assigned personnel (at several bases) are involved with hearing conservation, are tested regularly and have hearing protection devices. We also support the flight medicine hearing program.

    Phone: Comm. 294-6680, DSN 271-6680
    Hours of Operation: 0730-1630, Mon-Fri

    -- 24 Hour Holter Monitor
    -- Asthma Education
    -- EKG's
    -- Echocardiography
    -- Exercise Induced Asthma Studies
    -- Exercise Treadmill Test
    -- Methacholine Challenge Tests
    -- Pulmonary
    -- Ambulatory/Weekly Cardiac Monitor

    Phone: Comm. 294-7375, DSN 271-7375

    We perform all common Otolaryngologic surgical procedures. Outpatient procedures are usually performed at Ehrling Bergquist and inpatient procedures are performed at Midlands Hospital. If unusual circumstances exist, or for care that falls outside the limits of a Community Hospital we coordinate appropriate care by other specialists, starting with providers within our network. All age ranges can be accommodated from newborn through the elderly.

    Examples of surgeries that can be done through our clinic include:

    -- Ear Surgery: ear tubes, ear drum repair, middle ear bone repair, ear cartilage repair, mastoid surgery
    -- Nose Surgery: Sinus surgery, nose cartilage and bone repair, polyp removal
    -- Throat Surgery: Tonsil and adenoid removal, sleep apnea surgery, snoring surgery, vocal cord surgery
    -- Head and Neck Surgery: Upper aerodigestive tract cancer treatment, salivary gland cancer treatment, thyroid cancer treatment

    Clinical and Diagnostic Services Provided

    -- Ear related services: Ear microscopic evaluation. Our microscopes enable us to perform detailed ear examinations, foreign body removal, and ear canal cleaning. We also use it to perform minor procedures such as ear canal biopsy. Additionally, our audiology section can perform hearing evaluations in our sound booth, perform newborn hearing screenings, and evaluate and make adjustments to qualified hearing aids.
    -- Nose related Services: We have flexible fiber optic scopes and rigid nasal endoscopes. We can perform detailed examinations of the nasal cavities, diagnose intranasal tumors, located and stop nasal bleeding, and evaluate the nasopharynx for adenoid problems.
    -- Throat related services: Fiber optic laryngeal (voice box) examination is available. Our fiber optic scopes allow easy and thorough evaluation of the entire throat and larynx. This allows an excellent diagnostic tool to help evaluate causes of hoarseness, cough, or a lump in the throat.
    -- Facial plastic surgery is available in some instances. Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, brow lift, Botox injections, scar revision, and other procedures may be able to be performed through this clinic. Sometimes these surgeries will require a substantial copayment in order to be approved. This can be discussed in consultation as needed.

    Family Health Center: (402) 232-6000
    Hours of Operation: 0700 to 1630
    Appointment times: 0715 to 1545

    The Family Health Center (FHC) sees a variety of patients including Active Duty, family members and retired members. FHC has two separate primary care elements- Patriots and Eagles. These elements each have four Health Care Optimization teams comprised of a Primary Care Manager (physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner) a nurse, two technicians and an administrative technician. FHC also sees 5 day blood pressure checks and strep throat checks on a walk-in basis.

    Phone: Comm. (402) 294-7346, DSN 271-7346

    Flight Medicine maintains peak peacetime medical readiness and promotes the highest degree of combat effectiveness of all assigned aircrew, air traffic controllers, missile personnel, and space operations personnel.

    Flight Medicine duty hours are 0730-1630 Monday through-Thursday and 0730-1200 Friday except for Down Days and Federal Holidays. All visits are by appointment only.

    Appointment Line: (402) 232-CARE
    Clinic Phone: (402) 294-7477, (402) 294-7478, or DSN 271-7477
    After Hours Triage: (402) 294-9211

    The combined 55 Medical Group/University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Family Medicine Residency (FMR) Program is a two or three year training program for active duty USAF physicians located at the 55 Medical Group, Offutt AFB, NE. There are eight residents training slots in each year of training to make a maximum of twenty-four active duty USAF residents. Two-year training slots exist for AF General Medical Officers (GMO's) or Flight Surgeons who are interested in completing their post-graduate medical education in Family Medicine. In addition, Offutt is unique in that we offer a training billet every year for a resident to select an Operational Training option which allows them to complete the FMR program and be guaranteed a Flight Medicine assignment at the end of their training. Our mission is to train and develop the most competent and compassionate Air Force family physicians, who provide quality, cost-effective care - anytime, any place.

    USAF Family Medicine residents are assigned empanelled continuity patients at the 55 MDG, and have responsibility of managing these patients throughout their training. The outpatient experience with continuity patients is the core of Family Medicine resident training. Residents are mentored and supervised by nine Family Medicine Residency faculty and one licensed social worker.

    We welcome third- and fourth-year medical students to visit us. We are excited to offer you many varied training opportunities, and are eager to show you our unique and diverse Family Medicine Residency program.

    We invite you to read on to learn more about our excellent residency program, and our comprehensive Family Medicine Clinic.

    Phone: Comm. (402) 294-7446 DSN 271-7446
    Hours of Operation: 0730-1630, Mon-Fri

    The General Surgery Clinic diagnoses and treats patients who require general surgical procedures. The clinic also performs screening procedures to include colonoscopy and upper/lower gastrointestinal (GI) scopes. Patients are seen with a referral from their PCM, to include Medicare patients not enrolled in TRICARE, on a space-available basis. All appointments will be scheduled through the General Surgery Clinic. Consults can be hand carried or faxed directly to the clinic. Plastic/cosmetic surgeries and varicose vein procedures are not performed.

    Phone: Comm. 294-6680, DSN 271-6680
    Hours of Operation: 0730-1630, Mon-Fri

    Three Internal Medicine Specialists provide consultation to Primary care providers. On call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to medical community. Provides cost-effective, appropriate care, avoiding costly civilian consultation. They also assume responsibility for following difficult, chronic medical problems of their patients.

    Two Cardiopulmonary technicians perform EKGs, pulmonary function testing, asthma teaching, bronchodilator administration, arterial blood gases, holters, event monitors, echocardiograms, exercise treadmill testing for active duty, retirees and dependants.

    Cardiopulmonary services provided to outlying military medical clinics including Ellsworth, Whiteman, Lincoln Guard, Sioux City and Des Moines.

    Cardiopulmonary testing is overseen and tests are interpreted by Internal Medicine Specialists.

    Coumadin clinic run by a civilian nurse manages 100 patients' coumadin dosing.

    Diabetic teaching by civilian nurse provides comprehensive information, guidance and practical skills to newly diagnosed diabetics and those who need refreshers.

    Phone: Comm. 294-7411/294-7419, DSN 271-7411/9
    Hours of Operation: 0730-1630, Mon-Fri
    On-Call Provider Service available during non-duty hours: (402) 294-7333

    Individualized Counseling: "just to talk things over"

    -- No need for specific referral from anyone
    -- Providers trained and experienced to deal with common concerns
    -- Issues treated include
    1. Stress Symptoms
    2. Sleep
    3. Nervousness or tension headaches
    4. Anxiety disorders including phobias and panic attacks
    5. Depression
    6. Divorce
    7. Career Changes
    8. Interpersonal Conflict

    Group Approaches

    -- Maximizes learning
    -- Help individuals realize they are not all alone
    -- Include therapist/technician led counseling groups
    -- Focused on emotional issues like, divorce, depression, substance abuse and anger management

    Other groups are more like seminars or briefing/classes which focus on the following:

    -- Stress Management
    -- Depression
    -- Anxiety & Panic
    -- Insomnia
    -- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    -- Communication
    -- Relaxation

    Phone: Comm. 294-7411/294-7419, DSN 271-7411/9
    Hours of Operation: 0730-1630, Mon-Fri
    On-Call Provider Service available during non-duty hours
    (402) 294-7333

    Professional Services Provided by:

    -- Psychiatrists
    -- Psychologist
    -- Clinical Social Workers
    -- Certified Substance Abuse Counselors
    -- Paraprofessional enlisted technicians

    The Life Skills Support Center offers outpatient care to active duty personnel, retirees, and their family members. We offer a variety of services promoting personal growth, self learning, individual empowerment and positive change.

    Phone: Commercial (402) 294-9475, DSN 271-9475

    The Ophthalmology Clinic provides medical and surgical treatment for diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, cataracts, eyelid and orbit problems, dry eyes, strabismus and other ophthalmic disorders. Appointments are available by referral only.

    Walk-in service for photoscreening is available for children ages 2-5 by referral from your PCM Monday-Friday from 0830-1130 and 1300-1600

    Phone: Comm (402)294-7328 DSN 271-7328
    Hours: Mon - Fri 0730-1630

    Adjustments, and ordering (spectacles are mailed to patients)
    Frame of Choice
    Eye Exams for Active Duty and TRICARE Prime active duty dependents and retirees

    Contact Lenses
    Limited contact lens care is available to patients currently wearing contacts. If those patients can provide contact lens prescription information, the prescription can be updated on a case by case basis. Prescribed lenses and solutions will be procured at the patient's expense at their choice of civilian suppliers. The clinic does provide contact lens fitting and follow-up for the Air Crew Contact Lens program and medical conditions requiring contacts.

    Ordering Eye Glasses
    Active duty personnel are eligible for glasses and gas mask inserts ordered through our military ophthalmic laboratories. Retired personnel are eligible for glasses only. A retiree does not require an exam from our clinic to order military spectacles if they have a current prescription from a civilian provider. Dependents in any category are not eligible for military procured eyewear. Prescriptions for eyewear will be given to all patients at the end of their exam for use in the civilian community at the patient's expense. The hours for ordering spectacles are 0730-1130 and 1300-1630 M-F.

    Phone: Comm: (402) 294-7413, DSN 271-7413
    Hours of Operation: 0745-1630 Mon-Fri

    Fracture care, sports injuries, arthritis, and other musculoskeletal conditions are treated here. A podiatrist is on staff for foot related conditions. A referral is required for care in the Orthopedic/Podiatry Clinic. Referrals are managed and new appointments are scheduled through TRICARE. Appointment priority is given to active-duty personnel.

    Phone: Comm. (402) 294-7355/6571, DSN 271-7355/6571
    Hours of Operation: 0700 - 1630, Mon - Fri

    The Physical Therapy (PT) department provides:

    -- Identification, prevention, remediation, and rehabilitation services for acute or prolonged physical dysfunction.
    -- Treatment for physical problems involving muscles, nerves, bones, joints, and associated structures.
    -- Treatments include heat, cold, traction, manual therapy, exercises, electrical stimulation, etc. Such therapy is prescribed to help the patient function independently by reducing pain and improving function of the effected body part.

    Types and ages of patients served in PT include:

    -- Pediatric (minimum age 6 years) to Geriatric.
    -- Military Active Duty, their dependents and a large retirement population

    Specialties supported by PT include:

    -- Orthopedics, Family Practice, Neurology, Neurosurgery, ENT, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Oral Surgery, Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Dental, OB/GYN and other properly credentialed providers.

    Care is provided in our main Hospital Clinic and also in our satellite sports clinic at the Offutt Field House. Appointments available by referral only.

    Phone: Comm. (402) 294-7351 DSN 271-7351

    Welcome to the Department of Surgery at Offutt AFB. We are pleased that you have taken the time to learn more about what we do.

    We have 10 Board certified Surgeons who are split out into the various specialties. We operate 5 days a week in a total of 3 operating rooms. Presently, we perform approximately 130 cases each month.

    We have a full compliment of surgical specialties available:

    -- Orthopedics
    -- Ophthalmology
    -- General
    -- OB-GYN
    -- Endoscopy
    -- ENT
    -- Oral-Maxillo-Facial
    -- Urological

    If you have any questions about our Surgery Department, please feel free to contact us at (402) 294-7351.

    Phone: Comm. (402) 294-7319, DSN 271-7319
    Hours of Operation: 0730 - 1630

    -- Male and Female Health Care
    -- Treatment of Bladder Disorders
    -- Disorders of the Kidneys and Urinary Tract
    -- Reversal of Vasectomy

    Phone: Comm. (402) 294-7401, DSN 271-7401
    Hours of Operation: 0730-1630, Mon-Fri

    The Women's Health Clinic provides quality nursing care to eligible women (adolescent to geriatric) throughout the childbearing and menopausal cycle. We ensure approximately 800 patients each month receive comprehensive obstetrical/ gynecological care. Care includes, but is not limited to:

    -- Cancer screening
    -- Dysplasia treatment
    -- Sexually Transmitted Infection Treatment
    -- Mammography Referrals
    -- OB/GYN preventive medicine/Well Woman Exams
    -- Patient/family education
    -- Patient/family OB/GYN concerns
    -- Family Planning Services
    -- Systemetrics
    -- Wellness services

    We strive to teach our patients and their families positive health practices through an understanding of available community and hospital resources. We provide preventive health care and the maintenance of a healthy life style in an organized, safe, and caring environment.

    Patients may be treated in the clinic by referral from the Family Health Clinics, Family Medicine Residency Clinic, civilian providers, Pediatrics or the Urgent Care Clinic. Self referral appointments can be made with the Women's Health Practitioners for minor GYN concerns and well woman (pap) exams.

    Appointments for the Dysplasia Clinic are made by calling 294-9235.

    Point of Contact
    55th Wing Public Affairs
    Comm: (402) 294-2717, DSN 271-2717